“Napoleon Hill’s” book “Think and Grow Rich”


In “Napoleon Hill’s” book “Think and Grow Rich” he writes in detail about what he calls the mastermind alliance. Napoleon Hill stresses in great detail the enormous benefits that can be arrived at by using that master mind alliance principle. “Think and Grow Rich” is one of the most important books on success that there is. I have read this book and played it on audio more times than I can possible remember. And so very many times, I have heard of people reading this book or playing it on audio once a year or once a month. That book is one that I cannot recommend enough. Again I have heard so many stories about this book being a real life changer. The writing style may be of its time and age, but the truths within it are eternal. There are many strong success subjects covered in this famous book, but towards the end of his book Napoleon Hill points out that you can form not just a mastermind alliance with people around you that can help you, but also you can form a mastermind alliance with people in your imagination. But it gets even better than that! In the mastermind alliance in your imagination you can include members from anytime in history, from any culture and speaking any language, if they have the skills or knowledge you can add them to your mastermind alliance. Think of that, the very best experts of all time can be included in your mastermind alliance group in your imagination. If you are new to this idea, then I can only recommend that you read that book.

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