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November Goal Setting Review, 2011


So how has November been for you, have you achieved all that you planned for this month? There is only one month left of this year and we are approximately one month away from setting those New Year Resolutions, on Amateur Goal Setting Day – set goals, not soon to be forgotten resolutions.

If November has not gone your way as planned, then do not give up and think that there is no point in trying as the year is nearly over. A lot can change in a short time.

Review your progress this month, then redouble your efforts with you ongoing goal or set a new goal and keep pressing ahead, it is surprising what can be done when we really believe and try our best.


The beauty of the human mind


To dream anything that you want to dream and to make those dreams come true; that is the beauty of the human mind.

To do anything that you want to do with your life and to rise above those who would try to hold you back.

To remain calm and positive, when the entire world appears to be testing you; knowing that only a positive mind can win out.

To do that, is to rise above the crowd with its fears and negativity and leave it behind.

– Tony Brassington


Les Brown


If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand yourself.
Les Brown

Just because fate doesn’t deal you the right cards, it doesn’t mean you should give up. It just means you have to play the cards you get to their maximum potential.
Les Brown

Life has no limitations, expect the ones you make.
Les Brown


That Positive Energy



This is a universe, where opposites need each other in order to exist; there is no day, without night. No light without darkness. No good without evil, and of course there is no positive without there being a negative.

Positivity and negativity is to be found in our thoughts and attitudes. It is not easier to be negative than positive, but it appears to be the preferred mind set for the majority. The real cost of being negative is just too high in real terms. Positivity leads to direction, a purpose and happiness. Positivity will help to maintain good health and provide you with all the energy you need to do any task that you positively choose to pursue.

That positive energy leads to mankind’s greatest achievements; negativity can only lead to the worst moments in mankind’s history and it is then positive energy that moves us forward from that point.

Positive energy must be constantly maintained, never let the negative in at any time. It will keep on trying, all the time to work its way into our minds, especially when we are tired, cold or hungry.

Promote and maintain your positive energy by constantly using positive affirmations, positively setting and working towards your goals and surrounding yourself with as many positive influences as you can, each and every day.

Keep it positive.


Why are the goals that I seek so elusive?


So many people find that, try as they might; their goals keep on eluding them. Many times I have heard a person say that “I am doing everything that the self-helps books and Guru’s tell me to do, but still my goals are no closer to me”.
So why are some goals so elusive for many people, despite all their efforts?

Often the problem is that they –

They say it.
They think it.
Then they contradict it!

They say it. If you ask them, they can say exactly what it is that they want. Having a clear well defined goal is very important when it come to achieving goals.

They think it. All day long they think about their goal. Again, this is excellent when it comes to goal attraction.

Then they contradict it! This is where the problems start for so many goal setters.

Think a about your goal for a moment, then pause for a moment.

How did you feel as you thought about your goal? Were you calm, happy and confident that you will very soon reach your goal. Shortly after thinking about your goal, what was your next thought? If it was a slightly low feeling or you said something to yourself like – “That will be the day”, “I don’t know when, if ever, that will happen”, or ”One day in years to come when I am a lot older”. If you said to yourself something along those lines then you may have a problem when it comes to achieving your goal in good time.
The point is that you must not contradict your goals by feeling low or talking them down. It is positive energy that will propel you towards your goals. Negativity no matter how subtle it might be or innocent it appears to be, will slow down your progress towards your goals or bring your progress to a complete halt.

Be positive at all times and admit nothing negative or contradictory into your mind in any way.


First the dream and then the goal.


“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.”
-Walt Disney


Dream it.



Dream it.

Think it.

Make a goal of it.

Write it down.

Use goal attraction to keep it in mind – daily.

Take action on it.

Keep trying – no matter what.

Achieve it – goal completed




Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation. – Brian Tracy





Give some thought to your thoughts. There is an old saying that –

If you think that you can – then you will.
If you think that you can not – then you will not.

You see, like it or not it is a self fulfilling prophecy, what we think, believe and expect, will come to pass. Everything in our lives right now, in some way or another, is a reflection of our thoughts of the past and present.

Each person really must be master of their own thoughts. When we allow thoughts to be entertained in our minds that are not in line with what we are truly seeking, then we are weakening the goals that we are pursuing. The worst type of thoughts to be entertaining are negative thoughts, it takes effort, but negative thoughts must be expelled as soon as you notice them creeping in. To do this is actually a very simple thing to do; simply replace the negative thought with a positive thought of what it is that you truly want in life or think of some memory, a memory that makes you happy each time that you think about it.

It is not easier to be negative than positive. It is just the preferred way of thinking for so many, either by choice or habit.

When we are positive, then we have at our disposal more creativity, clarity of thought, we can see opportunity clearer, not to mention calmness and happiness; negativity actually has nothing going for it.

Give some thought to your thoughts and always try to keep them positive.


Success and Achievement


Success and Achievement are two words inescapably interlinked, where one is found the other is close at hand. They have a lot in common, but are not the same thing. Achievement is the end result and while success can also mean the end result, it can also mean the journey itself. A person can be a success just by having decided on a course or direction in life and then constantly working towards achieving it. It is successful to be pursuing a worthy ideal; doing that often causes a person to grow in skills, knowledge and character.

It is successful to keep on going when the task appears to get harder and harder all the time. It is successful to continue where others would have simply given up. It is successful to clearly know in your own mind what it is that you want and to pursue it, while everyone around you appears to be against you; all trying to talk you out of achieving it.

Achievement is to reach the end result, the fruits of all your efforts, to feel the joy and satisfaction of something being well done by you. Achievement is to win out when others tried to hold you back. Often with their negative voices saying that you will never – be, do or have that thing that you are pursuing and you prove them wrong.

Only you can see the end result in your mind’s eye, no one else can. Only you can decide what is going to be possible for you to achieve. Let no one else decide your future for you – you decide it.

Decide what it is that you want in life, then take your dream and turn it into a goal. Write that goal down and calmly think about it each and every day with belief, certainty, expectation, desire and faith. Take action on your goal, realise that you have already become a success by committing to your goal, and then keep working away at it until you reach that goal’s achievement.