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The mind is like a garden



The mind. We all have a mind, it is ours for life and we could not manage without it, but like so many things in life we take it for granted. You will sometimes hear it said that “the mind is like a muscle” and in that case, just like any muscle, it can be made stronger with regular exercise.
What else is true of the mind? I have studied success and achievement at length, seen and researched many quotes. Some well known quotes can be traced back through history, many different people have said the same thing or words to the same effect. When something is true of the human condition it will find its way into quotes that endure. One such quote is that “The mind is like a garden” – sometimes it is compared to a field instead of a garden.

The mind is like a garden.
The gardener can decide which seeds are to be planted. The ground is prepared and the seeds are planted. The gardener will care for the planted seeds, watering them and keeping the weeds at bay. Eventually the seeds will sprout up and produce after their kind. Flower seeds will produce flowers; corn seeds will produce corn, carrots seeds will produce carrots and so on, you could go through a never ending list, but one thing is true, what you plant – you will get.
Plant a tree and you will get a tree. It can be no other way.
The mind is like a garden and it works in the same way as the garden, but the seeds of the mind are our own thoughts. Just like the garden, our thoughts will produce in accordance with the type and variety planted and allowed to remain long enough to grow in the mind into maturity.

Plant a thought and reap a result in life in accordance with it.

We must be in control of our thoughts and keep them focused only on the things that we truly want. The weeds of the mind must not be allowed to gain roots.


Create or Compete


Whether to create or whether to compete, is a good point that ought to be given more thought.

We compete when we believe in limits or scarcity. We compete when we think that there is a lack of abundance, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. In business this means to have exactly the same approach as the competition does, in terms of buying, selling, positioning your business; in fact in business to complete is so often to mirror the competition in every way. The result is that you and your competitor will be chasing the same markets and customers, in exactly the same way, leading to every decreasing margins.

An individual competes by following and joining fully, the rat race. Blindly following the crowd because everyone else does so, to follow the crowd is folly; again it means to compete for what the crowd believes to be in limited supply. An individual is actually in the best position to create a life of abundance for themselves, yet they hold back on so much of their creativity because of the beliefs of the crowd and most of these beliefs are incorrect.

The difference between to create or to compete in terms of results is massive. In business to create means to find new methods of buying, selling, finding new products to sell and often in new ways that the competition will not try. Thinking outside of the box, giving no thought to lack or limits, to reinvent the wheel when that is what is needed and never to say that it cannot be done.

If an individual is to be creative, then to relax is the first requirement. Practice clear thinking when relaxed, for example think on one topic (and not with a competitive mindset) and practice staying on that topic, no matter how much the mind will try to wonder off in some other direction. With practice new original creative ideas will come to you.

Ask yourself –
Are you competing or creating?
And how is that affecting your results

When you understand the important difference between competing and creating, you will be at an advantage others will lack.


Goal attraction and ideas

Having set your goal and written it down, you then get to work on your goal attraction, by using a mixture of visualisation, visual prompts and affirmations to keep your goal dominant in your thoughts – We become what we think about.

Next it is time for action. Without action of some kind your goal can not be achieved. Yet sometimes it is hard to know where to start and some good ideas would be useful. At this point some people will worry about the – How am I going to do that? As a result they might let fear and worry in; talking themselves out of their chosen goal. This need not happen. Remain positive, focusing all the time on the goal and why you want that goal.

When we calmly focus on what we truly want, without fear and worry, as the saying goes – the right people, places, events and ideas will all show up to help you all at the right time. You must not delay in responding as they present themselves to you. Take action, action and more action; this will lead to momentum, making it actually harder to stop than to carry on. When you reach momentum your goal is well on its way to you.

To conclude, the ideas will come to you, all as you need them when you are calm, confident and you believe that you are going to reach your goal.