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2016 New Year’s Resolutions

2016 Mind and AchievementI wish you every success in 2016. Please share this picture on your social media throughout 2016, it is a good reminder that each day we must set the mind for achievement.

Tony Brassington I wish you



The very first WAKE UP AND LIVE event will soon take place.

Wake up and live 25


Wake up and Live

Discover your True Potential to Achieve.

Do you want to be more successful?

Do you want a more enjoyable and rewarding life?

At his monthly WAKE UP AND LIVE events, Tony Brassington, through his business Mind and Achievement, will challenge you to shake up your thinking and encourage you to think differently about your potential to achieve the things you want in life than you ever did before. He will bring you to the realisation of your true potential and inspire you to set your mind to reach any achievement of your choosing over time.

Thought The life that we each live is a reflection of our thoughts. Thoughts are a creative force, but by holding tightly to thoughts and beliefs that are limiting, then life cannot exceed those limits. Is it time to shake up your thinking?

Potential to achieve Without a clear understanding of the true potential every human being has, how can you achieve your full potential?

Tony Brassington is an expert in the field of setting the mind for achievement. He is a successful author of several books, and an active public speaker and coach. Tony has also worked with a number of leading experts in the personal development industry.

As a bonus

There will also be a guest speaker at each event, speaking on a complementary topic.

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Want to run workshops or seminars, but don’t know where to Start? The next step

Mind and Achievement Next Step cover 3D-3D

I have written another book and I have another workshop to offer. (Please note I only present this workshop once or twice a year.) The workshop is called ‘The Next Step Workshop’. Why did I write a book about filling workshops and seminars? I wrote this book because I saw a real need for a book like this. I believe too many of the books on this subject rush ahead too quickly, and skip over the most important parts of the process. Also, many people over the years have been asking me, “How do I run events like you do?” I’ve also observed far too many people missing the first, and ultimately, the most important steps of the journey. How can you hope to fill your events if you have not thoroughly identified your audience’s needs? And equally important, is to take the time to thoroughly identify your specialist skills and knowledge, in order to fulfil those needs.

When I put together my first ‘Next Step Workshop’, I thought about the time when I first started in this business, and the many people I have seen try to break into this industry since. Although there are many comprehensive books and seminars, all trying to sell the fairy-tale of becoming a great speaker and filling events with ease, most of the people I have seen taking this route usually do not get very far, even after reading a number of the big books on the subject or attending expensive training days. In the true spirit of my Mind and Achievement business, I am about achieving lasting results. I let others sell the fairy tale…. I deal in results!

This book is available on Amazon