Affirmations are a tried and trusted way to keep your mind positive, but they must be well thought through and in line with what you want and then repeated often. Also, you must totally believe in them as you repeat the affirmation.

Examples might be –

“I am now full of positive energy.”
“I am a success magnet”
“My words, thoughts and deeds are all positive.”

Note that they each include three elements; they relate to the person, they are present tense, and personal to you and all that you are seeking.

Affirmations sometimes go a little out of fashion as the latest trend in success and achievement rules for a time, but they always return to the top. There is always room in this world for something that works very well; producing the results required. If we think back to our childhood, we were encouraged then to use affirmations or we would also hear adults repeating affirmations to us. Affirmations like, “you can do up your shoe laces” or “eat up your vegetables, they are good for you,” and many more just like those.

When was the last time that you used an affirmation to help you? Maybe you still use them a lot, but if you have got out of the habit, then why not make a new affirmation today? Choose something that you want to do, be, have or improve in your life. Make a positive affirmation for it, repeat it to yourself regularly though each day and see the result start to happen.

Affirmations do work very well, they always have.

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