A defining moment.

My life changed forever one day a few years back when I bought a personal development audio cassette. I did not know it that day, that week or that month, but when I look back now, I clearly see that for me it was a defining moment, a life changing day. Since that day I kept on buying personal development books and audio books because they really spoke my language. Eventually it dawned on me that I should teach this wonderful and exciting subject of personal development, in a seminar form as well as creating my own audio book on the subject and I have worked constantly to this end. I believe that I have found my true calling in life, but if I had not bought that first personal development audio cassette, then I may well have missed my defining moment. It really makes you think! How something so every day turns into something so much greater and yet could have been missed altogether. I remember holding this cassette in my hand before buying it, thinking just what so many people must think in that situation – why do I need this? Luckily for me I am open minded and gave it a try. Many people must miss their defining moment each day and not lead the life that they were put on this earth to live. Take time in life to notice the details, take time to be open minded, for if you do not, you may well miss your defining moment.
Tony Brassington.

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