Accept or Reject 2

I have commented on this before, but I think that there is a lot to this.

• When you hear negative people complain – life’s not fair, it never happens for me, I have never got enough, just my luck, on and on they go, so then they have accepted and not rejected.

• When a person talks of a positive future – I will do it, it’s my Goal, consider it done, I will overcome any obstacle, then they have rejected the past and will only accept that bright new future.

What have you already accepted or rejected? I have asked myself this question many times. It is not straight away clear to us, but many things we accept –ideas, beliefs, and other people’s opinions and so on; by accepting some of them they may be holding us tightly back. So if you feel that you cannot go forward as you would want to, ask yourself, what do I accept or reject?

Tony Brassington

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