Affirmations, Set your mind and the answers you will find.



Every time that we say something or think something, we actually make an affirmation. To reach your goal or any chosen success it is necessary to be in control of your thoughts and speech. Both are inseparably interlinked. The subconscious mind will take notice of anything that we say or think and the level of emotion we add to these. It is not always possible to be positive all of the time, but we must strive to do so anyway and keep the balance tilted heavily on the positive side.

We can keep affirmations heavily tilted on the positive side by saying our affirmations aloud with faith and purpose; repeating them aloud with confidence and certainty, as well as having total belief in them. The subconscious mind must get the message loud and clear that you are going to do something and will not be taking no for an answer.

Reinforce that affirmation even more by adopting the character and aura associated with all that you are trying to achieve.

Set your mind and the answers you will find.

The real purpose of an affirmation is to set your subconscious mind to work in helping you to find all that you will need to reach your goal.

Affirmations work wonders, they always have. Say your affirmations everyday and know that they will work for you too.

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