An easy Goal setting formula.

1. Set a goal.
2. Make that goal a dominant thought.
3. Plan for that goal.
4. Work on that goal.
5. Be persistent in seeking your goal.
6. Reach your goal.

Set a goal, in fact set many goals for every part of your life, but always be sure to set some really big goals. Because it is setting those really big goals that cause you to grow the most, in skills, knowledge and character as an individual.

Make that goal a dominant thought. Your goal or goals must have a high place in your thoughts or else the distractions of life will take them away. All of life’s distractions want that top position in your mind. It is necessary to have ways to keep your goals dominant in your thought. Methods like affirmations, day dreaming about your goal as you imagine it to be when you reach it.

Plan for that goal as best as you can at the start, it is not possible to know all that you will need to know at the start. So at some point, ready or not you will have to start and take action in pursuing your goal.

Work on that goal everyday and grow in skills, knowledge and character as you learn and pursue your goal. The task of doing something every day towards your goal will keep bringing it closer and closer.

Be persistent in seeking your goal. Never put off till tomorrow what must be done today. Just do it, do it and do it, if you have chosen your goals correctly and they are truly in line with all that you want then it will be a labour of love making all easy for you.

Reach your goal and enjoy them, you will soon forget all the hard work needed to reach them.

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