Attract that goal / goal attraction / Goal setting


There are many ways to improve your goal setting and goal attraction, let me tell you of one very good method.

First thing in the morning be up early; spend time in meditation and planning the day ahead of you. Successful people often do that, you will hear it in interviews and read it in biographies, to be up early getting to work on you and your success is no bad thing to do.

Have a special book for writing out your goal or the goals that you are presently working on. Each morning write out in that book your goal or goals. After writing each one, pause for a moment and imagine that you have reached that goal now, see it in every detail. Imagine everything that you can about it, your emotions, your sensations, see yourself clearly with each goal and be happy and grateful for it. Then smile to yourself, content in the thought that it is on its way to you and for the moment just calmly let it go at that.

Maybe revisit that imaginary scene a number of times throughout the day, with calm positive assurance.

Do that simple exercise each day and you will be putting more wheels into motion than you can possible imagine. Your subconscious mind will be informed of your true desires and wishes and will go to work in assisting you, pointing out anything that may be of help or use in reaching that goal. The right people, place, events and ideas will all show up at just the right time for your benefit.

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