Attract your goal and keep trying until you do

Sometimes things just simply fall into place with almost no effort at all, but most of the time that is not the case. Life will seem to test you, to see just how badly you want that object of your hearts desire. It is a test to prove how determined you are. How persistent you will be and how resourceful you can be in the attraction of your goal.

Some call it failure, when after a number of attempts they still have not achieved their goal. It is not failure, but a number of attempts that failed to produce the required result. When we learn from these past attempts, it is then possible to use this experience to refine the next attempt and the one after that too if needs be. To keep on trying and learning, which then leads to improved attempts in the pursuit of attracting your goal, that does not make you a failure, it is just improving practice by experience.

”A man can fail many time times, but he isn’t a failure till he blames someone else”
– John Burroughs

When it is necessary sometimes to try a number of times in the pursuit of your goal, then that is just how it is and you need to do so with a calm and sure mindset that it will come to you in the end. Many will not do this, they are happy to give up too early and as a result miss their goal altogether. They are often heard blaming something, some event or someone else for their lack of progress, but a winner knows that if you want something badly enough, then you will keep on trying and learning from each attempt until you achieve it.

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