Big goals stretch you the most.


Why set big goals?

• They challenge you the most and cause you to grow in skills, knowledge and character.
• Big goals make you look at the big picture.
• They are big enough to go the distance and when you have only reached some of the distance needed to reach your big goal you are so far ahead of the crowd.
• They reveal your strengths and skills.
• Make you more creative and productive. You release forces that are lying dormant in you and these forces bring to light your real potential.
• Life is too short for the mediocrity or the masses.
• The same amount of time and effort needed to complete a medium size goal could just as equally be spent on a big goal, but the big goal would produce vastly greater results for your time and effort.
• The feeling of pride in your result, when most live in fear.
• Big positive attitudes to go with your big goals = happy.

Pedal to the metal and shoot for the stars.


Yes, you have got to walk before you can run, yes, you cannot charge off like a bull in a china shop and yes, fools rush in where Angels fear to tread, but with correct thought and planning almost any big goal can be taken on and achieved. Also consider this, in most cases; your big goal is not something that no one on earth has ever done before; it is only the first time that you have ever done it. Even if your big goal is something that no one has ever done before and the whole world appears to be lining up to tell you why it cannot be done, you would not be the first person to face and overcome that.

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