Creative visualisation and goal attraction.

Creative visualisation has always been the secret of many people’s great success. Creative visualisation is to plan in your mind some future event of your own choosing. Deciding on every detail in advance, deciding to create what is sometimes called – a future history.

Creative visualisation is to use your mind’s eye to imagine this future history and this future history becomes stronger by regularly visiting the scene in your mind’s eye. Many will tell you to use this creative visualisation three times a day, morning, noon and night; more than that if you can. But in reality as long as it is regularly visited in your mind that is what matters, even if it is some days apart.

Creative visualisation works best when we are relaxed. Take a little time out to relax, even just a few controlled breathing exercises is enough to change your state to a calmer and more relaxed state.

Creative visualisation must never be doubted; it must be calmly and surely believed in as something that is going to happen. See this creative visualisation in your mind’s eye as present time even though it may still be some time off. See this future history as if it were a reality now. That is very important.

Creative visualisation has been used by mankind in this way for thousands of years to great effect. The more we use this skill the better we get with it and reaching our desired results.

Creative visualisation –
See it in your mind’s eye.
Believe it.
Expect it.

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