Default or subconscious goal setting

What do I mean by default or subconscious goal setting, if you set a main goal and plan to pursue it, but then think about or wish for some other or many other different conflicting things, then you will find it very hard to attract or main goal or you will miss it altogether.

As many have said all through history –“you will become what you think about”. It will be our dominant thoughts that will ultimately attract most of the things to us in life; so guard your thoughts well. Make every effort to be the master of your own mind. Do not let passing whims or fancies grow unchecked out of control and in the process set you a new agenda in life. Because when we do not take total control of our minds, that is when we start to end up with the results of default or subconscious goal setting in our lives. We will become what we think about.

Set yourself a goal or goals, then work to keep them amongst your dominant thoughts. So many times I write about goal attraction methods and every goal attraction method has one thing in common, they are all about keeping your goal at a high level in your thoughts. Life will constantly throw distractions towards us and often we must take the time there and then to deal with them, but after that you must have a method or methods to bring your goals back to mind, calmly and with expectation.
Default or subconscious goal setting can be avoided with good goal attraction methods; get the results that you truly want and desire by keeping your goal dominant in your thoughts; if you do not, then the distractions of the day will take them away.

Beware of default or subconscious goal setting.

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