Did they teach you success at school?

 Did they teach you success at school? To be fair I am sure that the subject must have come up from time to time, but schools do not usually formally teach success. Many people have wished or tried to make success part of the curriculum of schools. Even Napoleon Hill wanted his book Think and Grow Rich to be taught in schools and I am sure if that book was required reading at school it sure would show in the results of the population as they started their working careers.

At school we were all taught the three R’s and the usual related subjects, that it was considered we would need for our lives ahead. We did need these subjects, but too many also learnt as they grow up other things like, moaning and complaining, allowing yourself low moods instead of knowing how to pick yourself up when you are down. Were you taught goal setting at school? –the answer is No! in most cases. Were you taught the importance of a positive mental attitude or any anything about life strategies for your success – No! I bet.

You see all that personal development stuff; you are going have to learn for yourself. Some people are lucky and someone introduces them to this amazing life changing subject at an early age. The majority will not be introduced to success, instead they will be told, encouraged and expected to follow the crowd and to forget success.   

So, you are in charge of your own personal development training.  Find and read all the best books, play audio books, go on courses and training days, in fact anything about success and personal devolvement that you can. It is your life, your future and your success: Tony Brassington.

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