Do not look for short cuts you have to give in order to receive –

If you want something for nothing, become an after dinner speaker, but even then you have to give; the after dinner speaker has to stand up and talk in order to earn his or her free lunch, not to mention the giving in the form of time learning the art of after dinner speaking.

If you would like life to be generous with you, then you also have to be generous and give something in return. There is no set rule for the proportion of this give and take arrangement; but it is not a 50 / 50 split.

You can give in many ways, but give you must in order to receive. A person can give in the form of quality of service, attention to detail or by being a perfectionist in what they do. The product that you offer may do the giving in the form of value, uniqueness or quality. You may give something back to society by sponsorship or charity. There are countless ways to give.

By giving in some way we will receive, now some expect to be given with no thought of giving back in return, lasting success will not come to them, they have not learnt the rules of the game. The more short cuts they look for to avoid giving, thinking that they need only take, the more lasting success avoids them and eventual failure awaits them.

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