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Do you really want to achieve it?

Do you really want to succeed?

Do you really want to attract the best that life can offer?

Tony Brassington Mind and Achievement

Be honest with yourself. Are you ready for the task ahead, the task of achieving all your dreams and goals?

So many dive in, ill-prepared and meet with disappointment. Ultimately, they give up disheartened, never to try again.

Many people keep doing the same things over and over again in life, which leads to the same disappointing results as before. New Year’s Resolutions are an excellent example of this.

We are now in the second quarter of 2014. If you’re are like the average person, then your New Year’s Resolutions will have fallen by the wayside by now.

Below is an extract from my free report FROM MIND – TO ACHIEVEMENT which explains the real reason why so many fail to achieve their New Year’s Resolutions.

From mind to achievement 2

The real reason that most NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS fail.

There must be some people that successfully achieve their New Year’s resolutions each year, but famously the vast majority do not. New Year’s resolutions are as easy as running a long way up a steep hill, rowing upstream in a fast moving river, or holding the tide back. Why are they so hard to achieve? Every year we are given a wide variety of good reasons as to why so many people fail to achieve their New Year’s resolutions; many of these reasons are very valid too, but the REAL reason that will always make New Year’s resolutions hard work, is never mentioned at all.

We humans share our existence and experience of this planet with all the other forms of life on Earth. Now there are natural laws of nature that keep things in check, and we are as answerable to these laws as any other form of life on Earth.

Think of the four seasons –

They are always in that order, even if the spring starts in different months in some parts of the world.

First comes spring – a time of new growth and expansion.

Then summer – everything is in the full swing of life.

Autumn – it all starts to slow down and die back, as it becomes time to prepare for the winter that will surely come.

Winter – a resting period. For example a tree is resting; it’s not producing leaves or growing new roots or branches, as it waits for spring to bring forth new life again. An evergreen tree may be green in winter, but it is also at rest. Even the soil is at rest. The soil is waiting for spring to bring forth new life again. Many animals hibernate in the winter. Birds fly to warmer climates to return in the spring.

When do we set New Year’s resolutions? – WINTER! In the UK that’s a few days after the winter solstice, the shortest day in the year.

What do we want, in essence, from a New Year’s resolution? We want something NEW. We want GROWTH, a new ideal personal weight, a new goal achieved, a new ideal to live by, to give up smoking and have clean new air to breath. When do new things come in nature – SPRING TIME!

New Year’s resolutions are very hard to achieve, to the point of being almost impossible, because we are fighting against nature. Because we live amongst so much concrete, steel and tarmac we have lost sight of the seasons and our place within them. The Native American Indian believed that February and March were the worst months for energy. They called these months, THE WEAK MONTHS; yet, that is just when we are supposed to be going the extra mile with our New Year’s resolutions.

We must understand the natural laws of success if we are going to achieve what we set our minds on, and then we can achieve it with ease.

So the very best New Year’s resolution you can possibly set is –

From mind to achievement 2

Contained within those few paragraphs above is a big lesson for those who will accept it. The real point which I am making is not one about how to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions, rather –


Assuming you do want to get the best from life, then you must learn the rules of the game thoroughly before you start. New Year’s Resolutions are just one example of just how out of touch we have become with nature, as well as with the spiritual and universal laws which govern all things.

Do you really want to achieve it? Do you really want to attract the best that life can offer? Can you set your mind for achievement and reach it over time?

I can help you to find the missing parts of the puzzle, which may well have eluded you for some time and these missing pieces probably have been holding you back for a long time. I can show you a wide variety of tools, techniques and thought processes, all aimed at setting your mind for achievement.

In short, I can show you how to set your mind for achievement and reach it over time. When you thoroughly know the rules of the game, then you will feel as if you have won before you even start. Think what that is worth to you.

Tony Brassington I wish you


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