For successful goal setting – think like a child.


The first thing to do at the start of a goal setting exercise is to relax and then to think through all the things that you want to have and then list them. This must be done as free thought, entertaining no limits at all; that is when we adults hit a problem. As adults we are familiar with this world and our present place in it, we are all too familiar with our present circumstances and the limits of our daily lives, but for a goal setting exercise we must not ask the question “how am I going to do that?” all that we need to do for the exercise is come up with the wish list.

At some subconscious level we are still thinking in terms of the present, instead of the future. A child does not have this disadvantage and can very easily come up with a list that is not limited by what we think that we know. At the first stages of goal setting we must be child like; totally free to come up with what we want, truly want; no holding back.

“How” are we to reach these goals? You find the how on the journey; it is the journey that really matters. It is on the journey to reaching our goals that we will overcome any obstacle in our path, if we truly desire to reach that goal; growing in skills, knowledge and character as we do so.

Next time you are goal setting, think at the start like a child, then pursue it like a determined adult.

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