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There are some things you need to know


Does it sometimes feel like an important little piece of the jigsaw is missing? Somehow you are aware that there is something that you don’t know but need to know.
This new series of books provides the reader with many fresh insights and ideas, which might make a great difference to you and your results. These short stories are written in the form of a conversation between two people, which prove the point, there are some things you need to you.
Don’t pass these books by.


The Many Lovers of Henry Farmer

Here is my latest book, the 4th in The Well-Travelled Book Series. I have really enjoyed working on this book, and developing all of the characters as the story unfolds. The end result is a book that is a very enjoyable to read, and contains a powerful message too. (Amazon paperback)

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Interviews With Carpenters Tribute Acts

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In this book, Tony Brassington interviews seven Carpenters tribute artists and reveals many insights into this unique profession. It is very soon clear from the interviews that the life and work of a tribute artist is bigger, more interesting and diverse, than many would think. The tributes interviewed have mastered their craft and then have played all around the world, from bars to cruise ships, clubs to theatres, from small local gigs to sold out concerts; everywhere from Las Vegas to China, and countless other distant places and countries too, while their work remains always in high demand.The tributes know just what Carpenters music really means to people and how much love, affection, and reverence the public still have for it, and they are very familiar with the emotional power within the music too. The tributes talk about the things people have said to them at the meet-and-greet sessions after each show and the great amount of warmth, appreciation, and heartfelt thanks they receive from people after their tribute performances.Are you one of the millions of people who just love the Carpenters Music? Or have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Carpenters tribute act, or a tribute for any other artist? Maybe you are an aspiring singer and have wondered how to get your singing career started or move it up to the next level. Or perhaps you just love listening to good live music. If so, then this book is a must read for you.All of the tributes interviewed give an overview of their careers from the beginning to the present day. They talk about what they had to do in order to achieve that Carpenters sound and maintain it, and towards the end of each interview, each tribute gives a few words of well-seasoned advice for aspiring entertainers, tributes, and singers – advice that is invaluable for someone wishing to enter or progress in the entertainment industry, and often the advice has a wider meaning for anyone wanting to reach their own individual goals in life too.These interviews makes a captivating read in a book that you will not want to put down once started. … This book includes interviews with … Emily Jane Brooks / Katy Ellis / Rebecca Andrews / Laurie Briggs / Debbie Taylor / Sally Olson & Ned Mills


Karen Carpenter


This image is a close up taken from the cover of my latest book, The Carpenters Music Survey, which is now available from Amazon. The book is a fascinating read for any Carpenters fan.


The Carpenters Music Survey


The Carpenters Music Survey



My latest book has just been published. In the Carpenters 50th anniversary year, I conducted, The Carpenters Music Survey. This survey reached many clear conclusions and discovered a few surprises too. Above all, this book makes fascinating reading for anyone that enjoys listening to the Carpenters Music.


Telford Tedx 2019 – All Speakers and Videos

Click on the link to see all fourteen videos from the 2019 Tedx Telford event, on the theme of WHATS NEXT; fourteen fantastic, thought provoking talks, full of ideas which are well worth sharing.

  1. Teresa Boughey … Overcoming Diversity Fatigue.


  1. Bev Hepting … It’s OK – I’m not a robot, yet.


  1. Paul Crick … Next Level Leadership – A Return To Self.


  1. Claire Wilson … Is neuroception a crucial missing piece in our children’s mental health crisis?


  1. Katie Woodland … Entrepreneurship as the silver bullet in the increasing mental health crisis.


  1. Matthew Tolley … How to reduce your Carbon Footprint by 80%.


  1. Scott McArthur … Who is paying for your attention?


  1. Tony Brassington … What can we learn from Easter Island?


  1. Emma Roscoe … Who you choose to become.


  1. Bret Freeman … Mind Control


  1. Craig McVoy … Brand Loyalty: It’s Just a Matter of Time.


  1. Hollie Whittles … If music is the fuel of business, play on!


  1. Antionette Dale Henderson … What next? The new power dynamic


  1. Merisha Stevenson … Make Your Story Pay









What we can learn from Easter Island | Tony Brassington | TEDxTelford



Karen Carpenter Solo Album


The Carpenters Music Survey

I have put together a short survey relating to the Carpenters. Since writing my first book about the Carpenters, The Carpenters – My Reflections, I have gained an even greater appreciation of just how much the Carpenters still mean to so many people, as their very special and unique sound continues to be enjoyed as much today as ever before.

The short survey in the link below will I believe, produce a fascinating glimpse into what people still think about the Carpenters today and what their music still means to them.

This survey will form the base material for a book which is certain to prove to be very interesting.

Click here for the Carpenters survey