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Will to win

With a will to win anything can be possible. Any obstacle can be overcome, any achievement can be reached.

A will to win is to have your mind set on a definite purpose and the desire and belief within yourself to achieve it.


25th August

“You have got to win in your mind before you can win in your life”
– John Addison


Noah certainly knew a thing or two when he built the ark.

First he did not follow the crowd or listen to them and he was not deterred by them.

He did not expect everyday to be bright and sunny and think that nothing could ever change.

Noah understood that change would one day come; he took action and prepared for the event.


Goal attraction over a lifetime


Let’s think back to pur childhood and those that we went to school with. Some would not have known back then what they wanted to do when they left school if you had asked them. Some may have had a rough idea and a few would have been one hundred percent certain of what they wanted to do, be or have in the coming years ahead.

Think about how that pans out in the years ahead of them, the don’t knows must have embarked on a more or less random journey of discovery – which many would find to be interesting. The rough idea persons would of gone in a general direction and may well have been distracted along the way to something else; again random. The last group, the one hundred percent certain people, providing that they remained one hundred percent certain over the preceding years, would in nearly all cases achieved what they set out to achieve. So many times when you read a biography of a successful person or see them in an interview, you will hear them say something along the lines of “ I have always wanted to do this” “it my dream come true” “ I knew I would do it in the end” or a whole host of similar statements.

Why bring this up? Some have dreams right from childhood and they eventually live them out if they remain true to their dream. Many others will find their dream as they journey on in life; age is not important to a dream, but of those without any dream or goal, their live will be on a random course, no matter how their lives actually feel to them. They are in the hands of fate and nothing else.

Anyone can dream, anyone can set a new dream and bring it to life. To do this, is to visualise and manifest. It is a skill that does not belong to a certain few. We all can do it. It will take daily practise, for it does anyway even to those that have always known what they have wanted from an early age.

Think what do you really what, then take that dream and turn it into a goal.


Goal setting and James Allen


James Allen wrote around twenty books, every one of his books that I have read I have always found to be excellent, with a profound understanding of the human condition and the effects of thoughts, actions and thinking on a person’s life.

He passed away around one hundred years ago, but his writings still live on. His most famous book was “As a man thinkieth”

“As a physically weak man can make himself strong by careful and patient training,
so the man of weak thoughts can make them strong by exercising himself in right thinking”.
– James Allen

James Allen does not write about goal setting as such, instead he explains that we must take control of our minds and exercise them as you would any muscle. If we neglect our bodies them they will not serve us well, and the mind is the same. In both these examples they will produce results in our lives.

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become.
Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. Your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil”.
– James Allen

James Allen fully understood the power of thought and using visualisation, he understood that our thoughts and visions will become our future.


Default or subconscious goal setting

What do I mean by default or subconscious goal setting, if you set a main goal and plan to pursue it, but then think about or wish for some other or many other different conflicting things, then you will find it very hard to attract or main goal or you will miss it altogether.

As many have said all through history –“you will become what you think about”. It will be our dominant thoughts that will ultimately attract most of the things to us in life; so guard your thoughts well. Make every effort to be the master of your own mind. Do not let passing whims or fancies grow unchecked out of control and in the process set you a new agenda in life. Because when we do not take total control of our minds, that is when we start to end up with the results of default or subconscious goal setting in our lives. We will become what we think about.

Set yourself a goal or goals, then work to keep them amongst your dominant thoughts. So many times I write about goal attraction methods and every goal attraction method has one thing in common, they are all about keeping your goal at a high level in your thoughts. Life will constantly throw distractions towards us and often we must take the time there and then to deal with them, but after that you must have a method or methods to bring your goals back to mind, calmly and with expectation.
Default or subconscious goal setting can be avoided with good goal attraction methods; get the results that you truly want and desire by keeping your goal dominant in your thoughts; if you do not, then the distractions of the day will take them away.

Beware of default or subconscious goal setting.


Goal attraction plan.

Drawing up a goal attraction plan.

• Start with a vision of your future history.
• Find people that have done it before. (past and present)
• Read up on your subject or go on a course
• Steps or chunks. Order and priority of action.

In order to reach your goal, many will tell that you will need a plan, but this is only partly true. If you are seeking a medium to big goal, then it may not be possible at the outset to plan everything related to reaching your goal. On the journey to reaching any medium to large goal there will be for certain many unforeseeable twist and turns along the way.

So yes a plan would help, but it will need to be a flexible plan. First start off by clearly understanding your goal and building a clear mental picture of it, seeing it in every detail just how you want it to turn out; some call this a future history.

Do all the research that you can. Find people that have done it before in the past and learn from their example. Often for the price of a paperback book you can gain a person’s whole lifetime worth of experience, yet many will tell you that they do not have the time to read a book, but not to do so may well waist even more of your time as well as your money and hard efforts. Read up on your subject, get the training if you need to do so; be as ready as you can be to attract your goal.

Take one step at a time towards your goal. Starting from step one, be efficient, but beware of too many short cuts. Work out the steps that will be needed to reach your goal, then plan and work on only one step at a time; in that way you can be flexible in your approach and alter it as you need to.


Reach your goal by remaining positive

Avoid the company of fools and negative people, their help and advice will only slow down your progress.

“Experience keeps a deer school but fools will learn in no other”
Benjamin Franklin

Fools and negative people tend not to be good at taking sound advice, they prefer to continue with what they know and have used before, even though it usually does not work very well at all.

“Them that cannot be cancelled cannot be helped”
Benjamin Franklin

Associate with positive people because to be positive is the only way to move ahead. Positive thinking people will help and encourage you to keep going and the energy alone from positive people will help to drive you on.

Set your goal, take action daily towards your goals and believe and expect your goal; there will be many challenging times ahead especially if you are pursuing a big goal, so you will need to have your positivity levels kept high enough to go the distance. Fools and negative people will only try to drain your positive energy from you, even if they mean well.

Remember that to reach your goals you must remain positive


Winners, losers and goal setting

This is a world of opposites, day and night, north and south, hot and cold; in fact you could write up a never ending list of opposites about this world of ours. Winners and losers are also opposites, losers are often – stuck to the past; chained and imprisoned almost by it. They are negative by nature; they complain and tell you why it is not fair. They will blame, blame, blame, it is never them. It is never their fault and will happily give you a long list of other people that are responsible for their failures.

Winners look forward in life, they take responsibility for their own lives. If they are not happy about something, then they do something to change it. If they cannot find a way to change it, then they will make a way to change it, they will not be beaten or accept what they do not want day in and day out.

Winners are creative, they use their minds to find the answers that will help them, whereas a loser will be keen to rest their mind from all their supposed troubles.

Before you complain about how wrong you think that I am, think what you are actually doing. Remember that losers blame and complain; winners are responsible for their own lives, they are creative –they find a way or make a way.

Think like a winner, talk like a winner, set goals like a winner and keep going until you reach them; be a winner.


Life and Goal Setting

What is a life without any dreams to make come true?
What is a life without any goals?
What is a life without any results that you desire?
Unfortunately, it is a life that too many, will just settle for!