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Give some thought to your thoughts. There is an old saying that –

If you think that you can – then you will.
If you think that you can not – then you will not.

You see, like it or not it is a self fulfilling prophecy, what we think, believe and expect, will come to pass. Everything in our lives right now, in some way or another, is a reflection of our thoughts of the past and present.

Each person really must be master of their own thoughts. When we allow thoughts to be entertained in our minds that are not in line with what we are truly seeking, then we are weakening the goals that we are pursuing. The worst type of thoughts to be entertaining are negative thoughts, it takes effort, but negative thoughts must be expelled as soon as you notice them creeping in. To do this is actually a very simple thing to do; simply replace the negative thought with a positive thought of what it is that you truly want in life or think of some memory, a memory that makes you happy each time that you think about it.

It is not easier to be negative than positive. It is just the preferred way of thinking for so many, either by choice or habit.

When we are positive, then we have at our disposal more creativity, clarity of thought, we can see opportunity clearer, not to mention calmness and happiness; negativity actually has nothing going for it.

Give some thought to your thoughts and always try to keep them positive.


Success and Achievement


Success and Achievement are two words inescapably interlinked, where one is found the other is close at hand. They have a lot in common, but are not the same thing. Achievement is the end result and while success can also mean the end result, it can also mean the journey itself. A person can be a success just by having decided on a course or direction in life and then constantly working towards achieving it. It is successful to be pursuing a worthy ideal; doing that often causes a person to grow in skills, knowledge and character.

It is successful to keep on going when the task appears to get harder and harder all the time. It is successful to continue where others would have simply given up. It is successful to clearly know in your own mind what it is that you want and to pursue it, while everyone around you appears to be against you; all trying to talk you out of achieving it.

Achievement is to reach the end result, the fruits of all your efforts, to feel the joy and satisfaction of something being well done by you. Achievement is to win out when others tried to hold you back. Often with their negative voices saying that you will never – be, do or have that thing that you are pursuing and you prove them wrong.

Only you can see the end result in your mind’s eye, no one else can. Only you can decide what is going to be possible for you to achieve. Let no one else decide your future for you – you decide it.

Decide what it is that you want in life, then take your dream and turn it into a goal. Write that goal down and calmly think about it each and every day with belief, certainty, expectation, desire and faith. Take action on your goal, realise that you have already become a success by committing to your goal, and then keep working away at it until you reach that goal’s achievement.


Reflect for a moment


Reflect for a moment over the events of your day.
Will they take you closer to your dreams and goals?

Now think – what do you need to do tomorrow?


Keep on trying until you reach your chosen success


Think back some time. To a time when all appeared to be easy and you thought that you could just do it all, with nothing to stop you. That time may have been your childhood, your teens or early in your career. As time goes on, things often appear to be harder than first expected. At this point some give up on what they seek or consider giving up, but a few and only a few will keep on going no matter what.

I have always believed in two things –

If you know what you want and why you want it.
You keep on trying no matter what life tries to throw at you; you will win out in the end.


History is filled with countless examples of this, Nelson Mandela – knew what he wanted and why he wanted it, he held onto the belief for years until it became a reality.

The four minute mile was reached in 1954 by Roger Bannister, because he knew what he wanted and why. Also consider that he did not just go for a run one day and look then at his watch and say “Oh look, I did a mile in four minutes” it must of took lots of practice and preparation; he would have kept on trying until he achieved his goal.

There will be times when life appears to test you, to find out just how badly you want the object of your desire and how determined you really are to achieve it. There will be times when others overtake you and you feel like you are standing still, but you must always remember what you want and why you want it and keep on trying no matter what life tries to throw at you; you will win out in the end.


Affirmation –


• Thank you for my wealth
• Thank you for my prosperity
• Thank you for my success

Be positive, be grateful, and be successful


Dream Big



Dream big, plan big and act like you cannot fail.

The person with the big dreams is more powerful than the person with all the facts, because most facts are really nothing more than limits.


Never give up on the things that you want to do with your life


Never give up on the things that you want to do with your life. A person with a big dream that they desire to achieve and have total belief in their ability to eventually reach, is a person with enormous power. More power to achieve than they would realise, this power to achieve will overcome any obstacle in its path, new skills will be found , new abilities will come to you; the right people place’s , events and idea’s will all come to the person with a big dream and the desire and faith to reach it.


Goal setting November 2011


Two months until the end of the year; how quickly a year goes by.

At the start of each month I encourage my thousands of readers to set and pursue a new goal or to carry on in the pursuit of an ongoing goal. So after reviewing your recent progress, it is now time to look ahead with renewed energy. Know clearly in your mind what you want and have a strong clear mental picture of your goal. Regularly visit this mental image as often as you can, never doubt in that goal, instead calmly expect it. Do that for the next 30 days of this month, take action at the right time and never delay. You may well be surprised by all that you could achieve in this month.

Reach for the moon and even if you miss you will land among the stars.


October Goal Setting Review, 2011


Today October is all but over, the tenth month is about to pass by. How have your goals being doing this year? Ten months ago it was New Year’s Day or as I like to call it – “Amateur goal setting day” the day that many people set New Year’s Resolutions and very soon forget them.

At the start and at the end of each month I encourage my thousands of readers to set and review their goals. In order to reach any medium to large goal, a regular review period is very important or the events of life can soon overshadow a goals position in the mind. To reach a goal it must be dominant in a person’s thoughts or it will become ultimately lost as events over take it; just like a New Year’s Resolution simply slips from the mind.

So today review where you are in your goals progress, what have you learnt? What do you need to do better? If no real progress has been made this month, do not fret over it – just continue working towards it. And if you have reached your goal for this month, enjoy your result.


New cover for my CD “The Professional Goal Setter”


New cover for my CD

The Professional Goal Setter