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The Secret of Achievement


The secret of so much achievement is due to desire and faith. First of all it is necessary to decide on what it is that you want. That might sound obvious, but the majority of the population just go with the flow, living day to day with no real thought of planning, especially planning in the long term future. Having decided what it is that you truly what, it is necessary to build a clear and detailed picture of it in your mind’s eye; seeing it in every detail as you want it to be when achieved. This image in your mind’s eye must then become the object of your desire. The secret of so many people’s successes all through history has been down to being able to keep and maintain this detailed image in their thoughts, revisiting the scene in their minds eye countless times each day and when visiting the scene never ever doubting in it as being obtainable.

Total unquestioning faith is required; never give any ground to being negative, no matter what life might try to throw at you to distract you from your chosen aim. Faith is maintained and developed further by positive inner self talk. There is enough negativity around for you to try to keep at bay, without you joining in as well with a load of negative inner self talk. Again the trick is repetition, to repeatedly each and every day, all day long keep your inner self talk positive. That will help to build your faith to an unshakable level.

Another secret of so much achievement is that when you visit the scene in your mind’s eye, allow yourself to feel the emotions that you would want to associate with that completed goal, emotions like – pride, happiness, satisfaction, joy. Try to really feel those emotions and combine it with the faith and totally knowing that you are going to achieve just what you set out to achieve.

That is the secret of so many people’s achievement.


It is no secret that you must set your mind for achievement


It is no secret that you must set your mind for achievement and there are many examples all throughout history of people using their minds to create achievement, real lasting achievement. Yet so many prefer to take a short term approach and follow the crowd as they do so. This shows itself in many ways, excuses and rationalisation being the most common forms, as they try to explain why success is not possible for them. Life’s real achievers do not give excuses and rationalisations. Instead they are heard to say things like; “I will succeed”, “I will overcome this”, “Nothing will stop me”, and “I will find a way”. Again there is no shortage of examples of winners that use these types of terms and just look at the results that they achieve.

The masses appear to prefer to give excuses and rationalisations; in other words – use negativity. It is not easier to be negative than positive, it is just the preferred way for so many. So be positive, visualise a great new future. Then set your mind and achieve it.


The Secret, Rhonda Byrne


“There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this; you deserve all the good things that life has to offer.”


Rules for success


• Do what you love to do and enjoy it doing it.
• Take it seriously and do not let others dissuade you from it.
• Always be continuously learning something new.
• Be – calm, positive and confident.
• Get things done quickly and efficiently.
• Do not worry about uncertainty; instead thrive on it.
• Always be persistent and moving forward, even if sometimes, moving very slowly.
• Look upon failure as part of the learning curve and then carry on.


Amazing minds


Our minds are amazing and with them a person can achieve everything that they could possibly wish for and more. Most take it for granted that we were given dominion over this earth and it is with our minds that we are empowered to do that.

Think of some small thing that you achieved in the past, because it was small, you never doubted it or even gave it a second thought; you just went on and achieved it. The same rules of the game apply just as equally to the big things that we seek in life as to the small. With our minds we can achieve any task that we truly put our minds to, providing that we faithfully believe and expect to reach that end result, as well as making the achievement that we seek part of our daily dominant thoughts.


When you are ready


When you are truly ready to seek, you will find.
When you are truly ready to listen you will hear.
When you are truly ready to succeed, then you will find the way.

Tony Brassington


Success comes from you and your goals / Richard Branson

Some will tell you that they are not successful because – they are from the wrong part of the country, they have the wrong family background, they did not get the right education; they will use those statements and many more like them. They are not real reasons, or though some people will truly believe them to be. In fact they are little more than excuses or rationalisations as to why life has overtaken them in some area of life or a number of areas.

Success has got nothing to do with where you are from, your family background or education.

Think about Richard Branson for example, he is the founder of Virgin Enterprises; a multi million pound / dollar worldwide business and a business that he started from virtually nothing as a student. He was born in Shamley Green, Surrey. Now as I recall Shamley Green in Surrey is not famous for being the best place in the country for a future multi millionaire to be born. I think that Richard is their only claim to fame.

Family – I remember watching a program about “Barnardo’s” (the charity for children) and this program interviewed many people that had spent time in Barnardo’s childrens homes as they were growing up and what had happened to these people after they left and joined society. Nearly all spoke about the effect on them of not knowing their parents or family, but one man told a different story. He had become a successful businessman since he had left Barnardo’s. He said that telling people he had met in business that he was an orphan from a children’s home had actually been an advantage in business and in part had added to his success.

Education – there are countless examples of successful people in business, politics, acting, writing, in fact in any profession, with poor educations and examples of people with excellent educations. It is not what you know, but how prepared you are to use what you already possess.

Decide on your goals or your purpose in life. Then starting from what you already have, take action, adding to your store of knowledge or education, as you progress towards your chosen goal. Leave the well worn excuses to others.


What if?

What if?

Sometimes a lot can be said in just a few words.

What if?

Sometimes it is a good idea to really think about those few words.

What if?

Those few words are –

What if?


Set your mind for achievement


The name of my company is – Mind and Achievement – so what do I mean by the word Mind? I say that “when you have your mind set correctly, the achievement will follow”. If your mind is set upon negative thoughts like; fear, worry, doubt, internal conflict and contradictions then the achievement that you claim to seek will be elusive or none existent.

To achieve all that you seek, your mind must be positive and calm. Be sure in your mind of what it is that you are seeking. See it in your mind’s eye in every detail. Believe and expect that you will achieve all that you set out to achieve. Never allow any thoughts that contradict this belief to remain in your mind. The average day will produce all kinds of distractions and real challenges to deal with, but after sorting these out you must have methods to return the things that you seek to a dominant position in your mind or they will ultimately become lost to you, due to the daily turmoil of life. That is why, affirmations, visual prompts around you and visualising in your mind, the thing that you are seeking most, is so very important.

Act as if you cannot fail by forming a belief and desire so strong that nothing can shake it. That is how to correctly set your mind.


What really is success and achievement?


Have you ever really thought through the question of “what really is success and achievement?”

Too many think that success is about money – or to own certain worldly goods. You could measure it that way and many do! But that is a very superficial measure of success.

Money and the worldly goods that go with it have always been a measure of financial wealth and there is nothing wrong with that, when the wealth comes from honest means. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that there are many different forms of wealth.

• If you have a skill, then that skill is a form of personal wealth.
• If you can communicate with others in your speech or written word or any other way that you interact with others, at all times in a kind, respectful, courteous way, then that too is a wealth. People that treat others with contempt and rudeness are poor in spirit; they lack this wealth.
• To have a richly fulfilling family life, is also a wealth.
• To be happy at your chosen field of employment is a wealth.
• To have a rewarding hobby or interest is a wealth.

In fact when you think about it, there really are all kinds of wealth around each of us already, if we would only see it that way. If a person were to write down a list of the wealth around them that they take for granted, then they would be surprised by the length of that list. Why not write that list?

Real success is to choose to do something, be it – large or small – easy or hard. Then to see it through to the end until you see it achieved in full.

Earle Nightingale descried it this way – “Success is the realisation of a worthy ideal” What that means is, anything that we choose to do deliberately, choose to do and make a real purpose out of doing.

Choose to do something, then do it well by repetition of doing the thing you love and improving at it by practice, that is success. You become a hard act to follow as you become skilled and proficient at the pursuit of your own choosing. When you see it through to the end ultimately you will have reached achievement.