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The book of Genesis and our place in this world.


In the Bible the first book is Genesis. This first book of the Bible begins with The Story of Creation. The story explains the creation of the universe and our planets place within it, with our sun and moon. Moving on to explain the land and seas, the first animals and birds, then the Genesis story tells of the creation of mankind and our place in this world.

In Genesis 1: 26 – 31 a few very interesting points are made –

• God made man in his own image.
• Mankind was told to be fruitful and multiply, to master and subdue the Earth, to have dominion over all the land, plants and animals.

Those two points are well worth giving some thought to.


Fear not to dream and to dream big.



Fear not to dream and to dream big.
Fearing to dream will only set you up to follow in the mediocrity of the crowd
And to follow the crowd is folly.
To follow the crowd is only to follow the follower.
The one in front may well be more lost than you, but they will never admit to it.
If you dream bigger than those around you and work to make those dreams come true,
Then the crowd will ultimately want to follow you.

Tony Brassington – Mind and Achievement.


Affirmations, Set your mind and the answers you will find.



Every time that we say something or think something, we actually make an affirmation. To reach your goal or any chosen success it is necessary to be in control of your thoughts and speech. Both are inseparably interlinked. The subconscious mind will take notice of anything that we say or think and the level of emotion we add to these. It is not always possible to be positive all of the time, but we must strive to do so anyway and keep the balance tilted heavily on the positive side.

We can keep affirmations heavily tilted on the positive side by saying our affirmations aloud with faith and purpose; repeating them aloud with confidence and certainty, as well as having total belief in them. The subconscious mind must get the message loud and clear that you are going to do something and will not be taking no for an answer.

Reinforce that affirmation even more by adopting the character and aura associated with all that you are trying to achieve.

Set your mind and the answers you will find.

The real purpose of an affirmation is to set your subconscious mind to work in helping you to find all that you will need to reach your goal.

Affirmations work wonders, they always have. Say your affirmations everyday and know that they will work for you too.


Goal attraction and ideas.


Having set your goal and written it down, you then get to work on your goal attraction, by using a mixture of visualisation, visual prompts and affirmations to keep your goal dominant in your thoughts – We become what we think about.

Next it is time for action. Without action of some kind your goal cannot be achieved. Yet sometimes it is hard to know where to start and some good ideas would be useful. At this point some people will worry about the – How – am I going to do that? As a result they might let fear and worry in; talking themselves out of their chosen goal. This need not happen. Remain positive, focusing all the time on the goal and why you want that goal.

When we calmly focus on what we truly want, without fear and worry, as the saying goes – the right people, places, events and ideas will all show up to help you all at the right time. You must not delay in responding as they present themselves to you. Take action, action and more action; this will lead to momentum, making it actually harder to stop than to carry on. When you reach momentum your goal is well on its way to you.

To conclude, the ideas will come to you, all as you need them when you are calm, confident and you believe that you are going to reach your goal.


Why does goal setting work?


Many will tell you to set goals, but have you ever wondered why goal setting actually works? When you look at people that are good at goal setting and goal attraction they achieve everything that they set out to achieve, where as people that do not set goals and just follow that crowd can find it much harder to get what they want, if at all.

We become what we think about and setting goals focuses our thoughts in our minds. Goal attraction works in the same way; raising a goal to even more dominance in your mind. It is with our thoughts that we shape our lives and our world around us.

We build our futures –
Thought by thought
Emotion by emotion
Dream by dream
Goal by goal
Attitude by attitude
Belief by belief
We will become our dominant thoughts.

Why does goal setting work? You could also ask the question, why doesn’t goal setting work for some people? The answer to that question in many cases is that although they have set a goal it is rarely in their thoughts and when it is in their thoughts, that goal is doubted.

How to make goal setting work?
Set the goal.
Write the goal down.
Use many forms of goal attraction.
Make that goal part of your daily dominant thoughts.
Believe and expect your goal to be achieved.
Do all this with a happy, calm state of mind and you will see for yourself that goal setting works.


Write your goal down


A goal must be writen down to give it power and energy.


Always remember


Above is a famous quote from Albert Einstein, it is so famous and well used because of the important truth it contains. It is a good quote to memorise and think upon from time to time.


Mind and Achievement


When you set your mind on achievement, you must decide in your mind that you will not quit.


“A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.”
You cannot disagree with that.




Reach your dreams by focusing your mind and the achievement will follow



Focus your mind and the achievement will follow. The dreams of the dreamer can come true if they really want them to, but they have to focus on their dream. Dreaming big and dreaming often has produced great success for many. Our thoughts each and every day will affect our futures; you will be tomorrow, what you are thinking today.

Some find life to be a struggle all the way through. If it is all a struggle, then be sure that you are struggling in the right direction! Plan for what you want and plan big enough as early as you can in life, imagine that life is your employer and at the start of this employment you are able to set the wages for your time in that employment, be sure to ask enough from life.

I bargained with life for a penny
And life would pay no more
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store
For life is just an employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why, you must bear the task.
I worked for a menial’s hire,
Only to learn, dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have willingly paid.


We will become what we think about, our day dreams are thoughts, dream big and dream often, for then life need not be a struggle all the while. Life must be enjoyed and life must include some generous rewards that can be traced all the way to your own thoughts and dreams which you chose to focus on.


Goals and Action


When you know what you want and know why you want it or to put it another way; you have set your mind on achievement, eventually it becomes time for action. Action is the part of achieving a goal that will stop many people from achieving all that they have planned. Why does action cause such a big problem for many people?

Firstly – many people keep thinking that it must all be done in a rush and would try to do it in just one step if they could. Reaching a goal is very often a case of lots of seemingly small steps being taken continually. No one step is responsible for reaching the end result, but by failing to continually take constant small steps is to fail to take action in many cases; no action means no results.

Secondly – procrastination. Because so many think that it must all happen quickly and by taking giant steps, the task feels daunting, so many will find ways to put it off until tomorrow. Often procrastination creeps in unnoticed, we fail to realise that we are not taking action because we have what we feel to be good reasons for waiting.

In a survey once held, the findings showed that constant daily action produced greater overall results, than the people that had a mad catch up session once or twice a week. Constant daily action, even if it may appear to be small, produces momentum. Momentum brings results by compounding all of those small regular pieces of action.

The message is – take some action every day.