Goal attraction over a lifetime


Let’s think back to pur childhood and those that we went to school with. Some would not have known back then what they wanted to do when they left school if you had asked them. Some may have had a rough idea and a few would have been one hundred percent certain of what they wanted to do, be or have in the coming years ahead.

Think about how that pans out in the years ahead of them, the don’t knows must have embarked on a more or less random journey of discovery – which many would find to be interesting. The rough idea persons would of gone in a general direction and may well have been distracted along the way to something else; again random. The last group, the one hundred percent certain people, providing that they remained one hundred percent certain over the preceding years, would in nearly all cases achieved what they set out to achieve. So many times when you read a biography of a successful person or see them in an interview, you will hear them say something along the lines of “ I have always wanted to do this” “it my dream come true” “ I knew I would do it in the end” or a whole host of similar statements.

Why bring this up? Some have dreams right from childhood and they eventually live them out if they remain true to their dream. Many others will find their dream as they journey on in life; age is not important to a dream, but of those without any dream or goal, their live will be on a random course, no matter how their lives actually feel to them. They are in the hands of fate and nothing else.

Anyone can dream, anyone can set a new dream and bring it to life. To do this, is to visualise and manifest. It is a skill that does not belong to a certain few. We all can do it. It will take daily practise, for it does anyway even to those that have always known what they have wanted from an early age.

Think what do you really what, then take that dream and turn it into a goal.

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