Goal attraction plan.

Drawing up a goal attraction plan.

• Start with a vision of your future history.
• Find people that have done it before. (past and present)
• Read up on your subject or go on a course
• Steps or chunks. Order and priority of action.

In order to reach your goal, many will tell that you will need a plan, but this is only partly true. If you are seeking a medium to big goal, then it may not be possible at the outset to plan everything related to reaching your goal. On the journey to reaching any medium to large goal there will be for certain many unforeseeable twist and turns along the way.

So yes a plan would help, but it will need to be a flexible plan. First start off by clearly understanding your goal and building a clear mental picture of it, seeing it in every detail just how you want it to turn out; some call this a future history.

Do all the research that you can. Find people that have done it before in the past and learn from their example. Often for the price of a paperback book you can gain a person’s whole lifetime worth of experience, yet many will tell you that they do not have the time to read a book, but not to do so may well waist even more of your time as well as your money and hard efforts. Read up on your subject, get the training if you need to do so; be as ready as you can be to attract your goal.

Take one step at a time towards your goal. Starting from step one, be efficient, but beware of too many short cuts. Work out the steps that will be needed to reach your goal, then plan and work on only one step at a time; in that way you can be flexible in your approach and alter it as you need to.

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