Goal attraction


A goal must be kept dominant in your thoughts or the distractions of the day will wear it away. Take a piece of paper and each day write that goal down. Write that goal down as an affirmation. Write that affirmation as if it were here now and then read that goal affirmation aloud, at least three times a day. As you read it aloud put emotion into it, the emotion of happiness, the emotion of belief and certainty that that goal is yours.

Draw a picture of that goal in some way, just a very basic picture is fine; it will help to bring that goal to life. If not a picture, then just draw a doodle of some sort. Again look at this picture or doodle with belief certainty and happiness; belief in it and expect it.

During the day look at this piece of paper a number of times, repeat your affirmation and maybe add a bit more to the drawing or doodle some more. Then pause for a moment and see that completed goal in your mind’s eye as if you have already reached it now. Imagine all the feelings, sensations and emotions you would feel at that time; some call this seeing your future history.

Goal attraction is made up of many things like that and by doing those very simple tasks regularly each day; your goal will take on a special power and energy and your goal you will attract to you. All through history the great achievers have been using all kinds of goal attraction techniques.

Goal attraction is to set a goal, keep it dominant in your thoughts, see it in your mind’s eye and then attract that goal to you.

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