Goal setting – positivity – Thomas Edison


Just a few people can honestly say that they have changed this world forever and for the better, but some have and in many different ways. Some have changed it for the better spiritually, religiously, politically, industriously, Thomas Edison changed this world for the better in lasting ways with his many inventions. In his lifetime he made 1093 US Patents as well as in many other countries.

Many of his inventions stand out, especially in the fields of communications and cinema, but one invention in particular would now be very hard to do without. The work of this one man left a lasting legacy to all of mankind for generations to come. A legacy that can be seen from space, no other known Planet has its dark side light up by billions of electric lights spread across it.

The invention of the light bulb did not come easily, others had tried before and given up. Thomas Edison took up the challenge and with positivity and determination; he made a goal of it. His goal setting led him into trying 10,000 times before he came up with a usable light bulb. Most people in life would have given up long before that amount of trying.

He succeeded in his inventing so many times because he knew what he wanted and set a goal to reach it. Any account of this man shows a positive, can do type of person and on top of that he was determined and persistent.

If this one man did all that he was capable of; imagine if we all did the same!
If we all did what we are fully capable of, how this world would be then!

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