Goal setting and imagination


All goal setting starts with some use of the imagination and when we get to goal attraction our imaginations are vital in attracting to us the goals that we want.

You set the limits in your own life, when you limit your imagination. Everything in our lives at the present time and in the future will be a reflection of our thoughts; some do not like this fact, but a fact it is. As Earle Nightingale put it “we will become what we think about” If our thoughts are so interlinked with our lives and creating our world around us, then we must be the master of our own thoughts and in no way limit those thoughts.

We limit our thoughts when we follow the crowd. I believe that to follow the crowd is folly and to think small is no good at all. The crowd loves to think small and conform to the rest of the crowd. The crowd does not follow the leader; instead the crowd prefers to follow the follower, without ever checking to find out what the leader has achieved.

Use your imagination to think big, to think outside of the box, in a way that the crowd will not do. Then use your imagination to attract your goals to you by coming up with the creative ideas to help you achieve them.

See your goal in your imagination first, in every detail, believe in it and expect your goal to be achieved.

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