Goal setting and mental blocks; Self sabotage.


Sometimes after setting a goal we fail to reach it due to some kind of mental block. A mental block that is stopping us from reaching our chosen goal is very often hard to identify, because there are so many differing types and they are often tied into our beliefs and form a part of us.

Money can form limiting mental blocks, for instance – some people feel guilty, about earning more money than their parents do or did. Because of that belief, they unknowingly self sabotage their own success so as not to earn more than their parents; as a result they fail to reach a career or financial goal.

If we look at that example we can see that it is a belief, but only taken from one point of view. How else could you view earning more money than your parents? And then in the process change your belief and the way that you apply that belief to your life.

• Prosperity has been increasing for decades and so it is only the natural progression of things that you will earn more in your life time and there is nothing to feel guilty about.

• Your parents have always wanted the best for you and they have always done their best by you, so surly they would want you to have all the financial success that you can attract.

• You’re parents were responsible for looking after you when you were small, but part of a parents job is to prepare you to stand up on your own in this world and go forward as an adult. Your financial success is in part a reflection of them doing a good job of raising you.

• You have every right to be proud of your success, your parents are already proud of you and your continuing success gives them another reason to be proud of you.

If you look at things from a different perspective, you can change the way that you think and feel on a subject and this may well help you to reach your goals by removing any mental blocks.

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