Goal setting and planning / Action / Positive / Determination / Visualisation


When it comes to goal setting and goal attraction planning is a very important thing. I read recently that all you need for success is good planning. This is not true, good planning is a vital part of success and goal attraction, but it can do nothing on its own.

Without action, nothing can happen. It will not and cannot happen without some kind of action. Action is usually constant and ongoing. This must also be applied with thought and good planning because undirected action alone will not achieve much.

Without being positive enough to overcome the challenges that will come your way you may flounder.

Determination is a vital quality. You can do so much by determination alone, in fact with enough determination you can easily achieve many things that others would dare not do.

Visualisation, is a very vital requirement, have the vision to see the end result just how you want it to be and to have that vision first in your mind’s eye in the form of visualisation.

To put this into some kind of order we must start with Visualisation, knowing exactly what we want. Then to have the determination to see it through to the end, while all the time reminding positive and never doubting that you will get there. Take correct action every time that it is called for and never hold back or put something off to another day if it should be done today.

So what of planning? Start your planning after the visualisation stage. Knowing what you want you can then plan for achieving it. Your plans must always be flexible over time. Do not become lost in the plan or end up trying to fight the world to make your plan work, for if you do you will fail. Be flexible.

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