Goal setting and problem solving.


One thing to appreciate is that problem solving skills are often one of the best success skills to have, as that is the one thing that everyone needs to do in life is to solve problems and get good at solving them. Losers get beaten by problems, winners do not have problems and they have challenges instead by choice and overcome them. Talking to people that are good at problems solving or reading about such people is time very well spent. Again you can easily see how a positive mental attitude helps with problem solving as with a defeated negative attitude you will not find many good answers at all.

When you set a goal especially a big one, there will be many unforeseen problems to solve, that is just the way that it is. You cannot even with the best research know all that will lie ahead of you. If you cannot plan knowing all that lies ahead of you, then the best skill to have for the task ahead is good problem solving skills.

Give some serious thought to problem solving skills, every day in the news or in some radio interview we will hear someone talk about solving some problem. Listen and learn; as they say.

Some Problem solving tips –
• Be flexible.
• Be prepared to listen and accept that you could be wrong.
• Write down all the possible options, and then write some new ones.
• Ask for help and never let pride get in the way.
• Ask yourself, what else could this mean? Look at it from someone else perspective.
• Is it a problem or a symptom?

If you want to reach your goals and add to your quality of life at the same time then brush up on your problem solving skills.

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