Goal setting and the third eye.



The “Third eye” has slightly differing meanings to some, but on the whole it is a form of mediation, which can be applied in a light form or in greater depth. First close your eyes and totally relax, maybe do a few controlled breathing exercises. Drift off into a meditative state, then turn your eyes upwards still with your eyelids closed. Turn them up to a central point on your forehead, just above your eyebrows. That is a very simplified account, but it does give you the basics. The point is that when in a relaxed meditative state you can think clearly, without the distractions of the day to set or mislead the agenda. As the old saying goes “you cannot see the wood for the trees” it is the same with thoughts, when your head is full of every distraction that the day has to offer, then clear thinking, problem solving and visualisation is a hard thing to do. The third eye and other forms of meditation provide you with a method to let the cares of the day drift away. Then you can better use your mind to help you in the pursuit of your goals, to relax or improve your intuition. In the case of your goals; you can think them through better, set them clearer, and review your progress very successfully. Many of the world’s biggest achievers have been using similar methods to these to very great effect. Many cultures use this approach and have done for centuries. This little news item cannot in anyway do the subject justice in these few lines, but if you have never before heard of the “third eye” before, then I recommend that you look into it some more.

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