Goal setting and time scales

When it comes to goal setting we very often get ourselves in a rush and want it now, first go, instead of taking a little longer in the planning stage or realizing that this might take a number of attempts.

Some things will only come in their own time; no matter how hard you try it appears that you cannot hurry them along. Knowing that, just be sure to do as much as you can do correctly, when you can, never let up, be constant and persistent in your efforts……..use your time well.

Beware you can slow your progress down by inactivity and procrastination, in fact anything negative to your goal attraction could slow down your progress.

Build momentum by your contestant efforts. You know when you have hit the correct amount of momentum, when it would be harder to stop, then to carry on.

At the end of the day if you have chosen your goal correctly, the time will not matter as much as achieving the goal itself.

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