Goal setting, December 2011


Time to complete some of your goals before the year is out. Even as the next few busy weeks go by, a lot can be done in that time, as well as enjoying the season.

Also it is a good idea to give some thought to what you want to achieve in 2012. They say that life is a journey; in fact, life is made up of a number of different journeys. We are all on a journey with our, Health, Family, Spiritually, Financially, Socially, Educationally and our Careers, to name only some of the journeys in life that we are all on.

It is great to pursue a big goal in life, in fact I recommend that you do just that, but the goals you set for next year must also include some goals from other areas in life to keep you in balance.

To be positive is so very important – so whatever has happened this year in the form of results your goal setting, 2011 must be looked upon as having been a great year and next year will be even better still.

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