Goals and Action


When you know what you want and know why you want it or to put it another way; you have set your mind on achievement, eventually it becomes time for action. Action is the part of achieving a goal that will stop many people from achieving all that they have planned. Why does action cause such a big problem for many people?

Firstly – many people keep thinking that it must all be done in a rush and would try to do it in just one step if they could. Reaching a goal is very often a case of lots of seemingly small steps being taken continually. No one step is responsible for reaching the end result, but by failing to continually take constant small steps is to fail to take action in many cases; no action means no results.

Secondly – procrastination. Because so many think that it must all happen quickly and by taking giant steps, the task feels daunting, so many will find ways to put it off until tomorrow. Often procrastination creeps in unnoticed, we fail to realise that we are not taking action because we have what we feel to be good reasons for waiting.

In a survey once held, the findings showed that constant daily action produced greater overall results, than the people that had a mad catch up session once or twice a week. Constant daily action, even if it may appear to be small, produces momentum. Momentum brings results by compounding all of those small regular pieces of action.

The message is – take some action every day.

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