Goals and Visualisation


Goals and visualisation are the two starting elements in any success, you must have a clear mental picture of your goal in your mind’s eye, and see it in your mind’s eye in every detail just how you want the outcome to be. If you continually change all the details or the goal itself, then you will have a weak goal and weak powers of goal attraction. You must be clear about your goal, totally focused on your goal and committed to your goal. Visualisation of your goal is one of the best ways to maintain the focus and commitment needed for the task ahead of you. With clear focus and commitment your powers of goal attraction are then strengthened and then ready to draw your results in. Distractions in life will continually come, trying to take your mind off to some needless worry and these distractions if not kept in their place, will take your dreams and goals away. Visualisation of your goals is the best way to master these distractions and keep them in their place. Repetition is the trick with visualisation, visualise on your goal as many times in a day as you can, Start with first thing in the morning, before the distractions have a chance to get started, then a number of times through the day, finally last thing before going to sleep. Build that image of your goal so strong and clear that nothing can take it away from you. Eventually that visualisation gains that final quality, which is certainty. When you have a strong visualisation of your goal and the certainty that you are going to achieve it then your goal is as good as reached.

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