Happiness, purpose and goal setting

Happiness is the one thing that each and every one of us seeks. Very often in this pursuit of happiness, which ought to be easy to achieve, some get all wrong, instead of following worthy fulfilling pursuits, they follow short term, easy escapisms which ultimately lead to something less than true happiness.

Unfortunately some will spend their whole lives basically bored. They will clock watch through ever hour of every day and expect something of interest to arrive for them, yet they will do nothing to attract it.

Happiness is arrived at by having a purpose, usually in the form of a goal. This purpose may be even something day to day, like being the best at their line of work or striving to cook the ultimate sunday roast for the family. Or it may be a life purpose, to do, to have or to be something, and constantly working towards this end. Very often happiness is to have a mind occupied by a worthy pursuit or goal to work towards. If we know where we are going and have a direction in life then, then we are not beset by ongoing confusing problems, but instead we arrive at interesting challenges. These challenges we will always solve, whereas life’s losers are beaten by problems.

So decide on your purpose, then set the goal and in the pursuing of pursuing your goal you must always be positive and this will lead to being happy and fulfilled, even if the goal takes longer than planned to arrive.

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