How many goals can you attract?


How many goals can you attract to yourself? That is a very good question. Let me start by saying that first of all that no one will reach every goal that they set, but you can reach every goal that you make a dominant thought of, or allow to join your dominant thoughts from time to time. That is the difference. In so many ways we set a multitude of goals as we go through our lives, but only the goals that we get serious about will we reach! We get serious about setting each goal, first by reaching a decision in our minds that it is going to be a goal and not just some passing dream and at that point consciously setting it as a goal. Next without any doubt that goal must then be written down, drawn or recorded on paper in some way; that will then give that goal a special power and energy. Being first a thought, then by putting pen to paper it now joins the world in which we live and from that point on it must remain in both worlds, the mental (in the form of dominant thoughts) and the physical (in the form of plans and visual prompts, reminders and most importantly action) that is the starting point for attracting your goals towards you. So how many goals can you attract to yourself? As many as you can successfully keep in your dominant thoughts, and as you achieve one goal you can replace it with a new one, but it still has to be a serious goal and kept alive in your dominant thoughts.

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