Human potential is infinite



What is the true amount of potential that we all possess? Sociologists have always told us that we do not use our minds to their full potential and it is with our minds that we achieve our results in life and reach our own potential. I have heard and read all kinds of accounts about how much of our minds we are using. Some say that one hundred years ago were only using 70 % of our minds; by the middle of the last century some say that we were using only 50%. In later times this has been revised down to between 3 – 10%. Occasionally less than that, but you will have noticed that as our understanding of the mind increases the Percentage figure drops.

All of the greatest achievers on this earth that came from nothing and then reach a potential that most of us would believe to be almost impossible have the same brain as you or I, physically speaking. Gandhi moved a whole nation and at the same time inspired the world. J.K.Rowling brought us “Harry Potter”. Richard Branson took his business to amazing heights from nothing.

So what is our potential? The least that we could do is nothing. On the other hand, the up side must be unlimited. In the free world there are no laws stating that you must not exceed a certain amount of money or success; there are no limits. Our minds that actually produce our results can imagine either nothing or endless possibilities depending on the attitude of each person.

I believe that if we dare to admit it to ourselves, we would see that Human potential is infinite.

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