I’m Tony Brassington, not Tony Robbins.

I’m Tony Brassington, not Tony Robbins, Tony Blair or any other Tony. Why even mention that? Is it just a bit of humour to entertain? Or is there some point to it? I have always noticed that when you see a singer in the media and you hear it said that they are the next Frank Sinatra or some new writer is the next J.K.Rowling or something like that, that is usually the last you hear of them. Do not be the next someone, be the first you, the real thing, the genuine article, the trail blazer. Yes you can still have your heroes and people that bring a positive influence into your life and yes, it is a good thing to emulate the qualities of real achievers, but you must still be true to yourself. Take a mixture of influences to emulate, but these must also work to bring out the best in you. In pop music the worst type of cover of a song is when someone copies a song so exactly that it is almost of no difference to the original. A good cover of a pop song is when the new artist brings something new to the song and that new something is of them, it’s from their own character and originality.

Tony Robbins is a great guy and he is absolutely right when he recommends emulating the good qualities that someone has, qualities that would be of great benefit to you if you could gain those qualities. Choose the best of the influences around you, but do not follow the crowd all the way, be unique. Do not be called the next, be the first you, have some of your own uniqueness, for others try to copy.

I draw on a wide verity influences and experiences from the world around me and my own life to arrive at my take on achievement; I’ve strived hard to be original and unique. Sharing my first name with Mr Robbins (although I am Tony and not Anthony) may mean that at some time someone will try to make a comparison- so I am ready for that day by saying; I’m Tony Brassington, not Tony Robbins.

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