I am sorry that I am late!

I am sorry that I am late (!) in posting any news items recently. You see when it comes to reaching goals it is necessary to keep them dominant in your mind as much as possible, the distractions in life will try to reach the top position in your thoughts and take your dreams and goals away. I have had a big distraction recently; we put our house up for sale, sold it, packed and moved into a bigger house; then unpacked and all that then goes with moving into a new home that filled our time = major distraction.

Mission statement; it is surprising how much time goes into something that looks so easy and yet it is also surprising how beneficial it is to come up with a mission statement. It really does help clarify your thoughts and direction. Individuals can also write their own mission statements. Again it takes time, but is surprisingly beneficial to an individual. So here’s the mission statement for my seminars – My aim is to help people to realise and achieve their dreams and goals, and to be full and complete people, and to live the life that they were put on this earth to live.

I am now back up to speed and raring to go, ready to start applying new ideas and plans. There is a new goal setting form, if you would like one, just Email me and I will happily send you one. Soon there will be two audio books available, by the titles of The language of success and The expert Goal Setter.  I am looking forward to completing them both and watching those audio books help people.    

I started by saying, “I am sorry that I am late”, but there is something in that for us all, if we stay in our comfort zone, if we hold ourselves back instead of striving to reach that worthy goal, if we let life distract us until we lose our own independent ideas, then we will be late or not arrive at all at our true destiny- the life that we were put on this earth to live. Do not be late!
Tony Brassington.

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