Is it, self development or shelf development?

Is it, Self development or shelf development? You may have been on many courses, seminars or training days over the years. When you arrive back home from them with books or training material do you just put it on a shelf somewhere? When do you plan to look at this self development material again? Tomorrow maybe, the next day or most likely you may have put it on the shelf with no thought at all about when you would look at it next. Self development material sat on a shelf will not help you in any way. If you have a shelf of Self development books, but you know that you do not really have the time to read them all through, then maybe take off the shelf sometimes a single book, read the cover and list of chapters and when you put it back, leave the cover visible so you are aware of its presence. To move your Self development books around and to make them clearly visible so you take some notice of them, may not be as good as reading them, but those that believe that great books have an energy about them, would tell you that to put them where you can see them will allow that energy out for you to absorb. A totally forgotten book on a shelf they will not help you in the slightest way. We collect all this great Self development and training material because we know its real value in being able to help with our personal development. The best thing to do is to set a regular time to read your books and material, even just a few minutes each day will over time take you a long way in reading and gaining knowledge. So are you going to keep buying book shelves for your unread books and material? Meaning shelf development or is it going to be your Self development instead?

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