It is logical to set your Mind for Achievement.



Setting your mind for achievement would appear to be obvious and logical. Yet the vast majority of the population fail to do just that. Despite all that they say, most allow themselves to be distracted; failing to ask themselves -“What do I truly want?” and even if they did know the answer to that, lack the courage and will power to make it happen. Yes, it is logical to set your mind for achievement and to pursue it over time until it is reached. It is no harder to live the life that you truly want and to surround yourself with the best that life has to offer; in fact I would say that it is harder to live an unhappy, unfulfilled life, going with the flow and to actually be helping others get all that they want in life. By failing to set out personal life goals and by failing to plan, by default means that we will fall into someone else’s plans, with some hope that it will turn out good for us – to fail to plan and to hope for the best is not logical.


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