Our conscious mind sits in judgement. We judge others and they judge us. A lot of this helps to guide us through life, but when it comes to our big aims and goals in life, other people’s judgements, no matter how well meant that may be, will hold you back or stop you completely. This is because only you can really see and believe your dream. There is a quote that many people have said all through history and it is this – “If you believe that you can do a thing, then you will; and if you believe that you cannot then you will not.” You see it is a self fulfilling prophecy that you make. Others will judge you by their own standards and life rules, their own comfort zones and experiences. Let no one judge and decide what you cannot do; for that is your decision to make. Make your own judgements and live by them. Aim so high, that they will all judge against you. For if you believe that you can then you will. Reach the top and show them all, then watch as they will then all have to revise their judgement.
Tony Brassington.

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