Keep calm and stay positive.


I am a bit late posting this one today, because when I logged on this morning to post today’s item, my website had been hacked. The hackers were having their fun making my site usable. Thanks to my web guy, the situation was soon put right and everything was soon back to normal. Seeing my website all messed up was a little alarming at first, but as you know I believe in being positive and so I stayed calm and stayed positive. Later in the day when everything was put right again I thought about how some people would have been in that situation? Turning on their PC first thing in the morning to find that, would have really set them up for a bad day that would have probably gone downhill even more from there. Swearing, getting angry and letting off all kinds of negative steam, is just not going to fix it and when we go off in some negative rant, all we can see is more and more negative problems ahead of us. All of this negative nonsense is nothing more than speculation, but the power and energy that you put into that negative speculation actually has a chance of creating some of those unwanted things. To keep calm and stay positive is the very best way forward; the problem gets sorted out with less stress and hassle that way. I have now got better PC security and also I turned this negative hacking into a positive news item about being calm and staying positive.

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