Law of Attraction – will attract your goals or your fears!



We attract to us the sum total of our positive thoughts or fear thoughts, everything in our lives right now we have at sometime or in someway attracted to ourselves by our thinking.

To attract a goal of our choosing it must regularly be part of your dominant thoughts. By repetition of that thought, coupled with emotion about that goal and a true and sure belief in reaching that goal, a person will attract it to them in some way.


Like a double edge sword it cuts both ways. We can just as easily attract to us the fruits of our fear thoughts –

Repetition – of that fear thought.
Emotion – fear emotion is just as powerful as positive emotion and will attract in exactly the same way.
Belief – We often have strongly held beliefs about many of our fears.

For an achiever there is no room for fear and worry; most of which is little more than just negative speculation that we allow to grow out of control.

To reach a goal by using the law of attraction, a person needs to be clam. When we get worked up about slow progress towards a goal, we allow fear and worry to slip in and the negative force to get a hold on us. That fear and worry about your goals slow progress gets stronger by the repetition of that thought being allowed in your mind, the worry emotion that we attract to it and the belief we choose to give it.

Your thoughts must be positive………………..repeatedly.
Your emotions must be positive………………..repeatedly.
Your beliefs must be positive………………..repeatedly.

Then you will attract your goal by the law of attraction.

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