Maintaining a positive mindset


It is vital for your success and to reach your goals in life to maintain a positive mindset. Try as we might there will be times when our positive mood drops or is challenged. At these times we need to remember some happy time, event or positive emotion that we felt at some time in the past.

For some they do not come readily to mind, but they are always there. Think long enough and get past the block that the negative mood is trying to create and you will find a great many things in your past to be happy and proud of.

Instead of waiting for a negative mood before you search for happy positive memories. Why not be ahead of the game? And promote positivity early. Put pen to paper when you feel happy and relaxed. Think back to all of your happy, successful, and positive times of the past and write down a long and detailed list of things that you can be positive and proud of. It will be fun and uplifting to do that exercise.

Keep this list handy, them when you start to feel your mood dropping, take it out and look through it, remembering as much of the detail and happy positive feelings from that time. Very soon your mood will be back to being full of positive energy, or maybe you could look at this list at a set time each day, or add to this list daily as a positive exercise in itself.

As I so often say, “I believe the number one lesson from personal development is; that it is vital to have a positive attitude.”

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