Mental blocks; is it still a challenge reaching your goals despite all the goal setting?


Is it a a challenge reaching your goals despite all the goal setting? Mental blocks are often the reason for this. Mental block are also often deeply imbedded and very hard to indentify.

Let me give you a common example of a mental block – you have set a goal of buying a brand new car. You have decided on all the details, the make, model, and specification. You look at the sale broacher often, have a picture on your wall of this car and visualise driving it; yet still it does not manifest into your current reality. Why? In this example this person knows exactly what they what, but all the time they are thinking in terms of what they can afford. Each time this person drives past a used car dealer, this person looks at the cars that he or she can afford at the present time and for a moment loses sight of the new car goal.

So many times in these blogs and in my book do I talk about the importance of dominant thoughts? When it comes to goal setting and achieving something new, take note of your dominant thoughts; your dominant thoughts must be pure, true and focused. Never allow any room for what you do not want to enter.

The above is a typical example of a mental block that will prevent you from reaching your goal; the same would be true for instance –
• A body weight goal, but you keep on entertaining thoughts of favourite foods and lazy days without exercise.
• A goal of watching less television, but still buying and reading a TV guide.

There are countless examples of these types of mental blocks. Dominant thoughts mean just that; you will have many thoughts on a given or related topic, but it is usually your dominant thoughts that will win out and produce a result.

There is no room for contradictions in your dominant thoughts if you want to reach your goal.

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