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Mind and Achievement Ltd now has its own page on Facebook. I have been planning to do this for some time and today it has come into being.

If you like Mind and Achievement then please join my new page on Facebook.

Mind and Achievement Ltd
Promotes –

Positivity – a must success requirement.
Goal setting – to set a goal correctly is half the task.
Goal attraction – makes it happen for you.
Through Seminars, blogs, CD’s and Books.

Positivity – I believe that being positive is the number one lesson from personal development in order to reach your chosen success and maintain it.

Goal setting – it is vital to understand how to set your goal correctly. Goals which are poorly set or poorly understood, can lead to years of disillusionment and frustration, which could have been so easily avoided. That wasted time could instead have been a time of enjoying your achieved goal; if only you had understood better at the outset goal setting and goal attraction.

Goal attraction – there are many different methods to attracting your goal towards you, some will suit your needs better than others, but the more goal attraction methods you know and apply the stronger your powers of goal attraction will be and the quicker your goals will be achieved.

Join me and let’s go forward in the success direction together.

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