Mind Training


Chill out,

Learn to meditate,

Get lost in your imagination.

Then come back and do a whole lot better.


Usually I would leave it at that. I know that many of you have read all of my earlier blogs and seen many short and to the point examples like the above. This time let me go a little deeper. Chill out, you must relax. Going around in a big spin and not stopping will not get you to where you really deserve to be. Learn to meditate; in some way, this is an essential thing to do to reach great success. Get lost in your imagination, or to put in another way, mull ideas around in your mind and see what you end up with! Then come back and do a whole lot better.  I don’t have to explain that last one?

Tony Brassington.

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  1. Superb contribution, I seriously enjoy updates of your stuff.

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